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Anti-Tracking | Scratcher | Litter Box Ramp

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Purrfectly Clean Paws® Ramp

3 in 1: Anti-Tracking, Scratcher, Cat Litter Box Ramp

Video of a cat walking out of a white hooded littler box onto the Purrfectly Clean Paws® Ramp that is attached to the opening of the litter box. The cat walks out of the litter box onto the ramp and then onto the floor.
  • Anti-Tracking: Less Mess | Less Maintenance

    Capture litter and dust, cleaning cats paws as they exit their litter box. Simply lift & pour to return captured litter back into the litter box. Quick and easy cleanup, with no wasted litter!  

  • Easy Entering/Exiting Litter Box

    The durable lightweight ramp easily attaches to most litter box styles with two options, making it extremely versatile. Assists all cats, including kittens, seniors, and cats with mobility problems, with getting in and out of their litter box.

  • Loved by Cats (and Cat Parents)!

    Cats love the cardboard ramp and premium quality scratcher. Designed for and thoroughly tested by cats and cat guardians.

  • Healthy and Safe for Cats, Kittens, People & the Planet!

    Made with premium, corrugated cardboard sourced and manufactured in the USA from 100% recycled fiber—a sustainable resource. Printed with water-based inks that are recyclable, and adhesives that are environmentally responsible, the ramp system is recyclable and can also be composted.

  • Assists Seniors, Kittens, & Cats with Mobility Problems

    The innovative ramp is designed to easily attach to most litter box styles, and offers 2 attachment options. In Option 1, the ramp rests on the top edge of the opening, and in Option 2, the ramp is snugged up to the litter box below the opening, to ease entering and exiting for kittens or cats with mobility problems. Both options capture litter and dust as cats exit the litter box.

  • Anti-Tracking. Cleaner Floors. Cat-Friendly.

    Our patented ramp system captures tracked litter and dust as cats exit their litter box, assists all cats, including kittens, seniors, and cats with arthritis or mobility problems, with entering and exiting their litter box. Also includes a premium quality scratcher that is loved by cats!

    The durable lightweight ramp system easily attaches to most litter box styles with two options, making it extremely versatile. Simply lift & pour to return captured litter back into the litter box. Quick and easy cleanup, with no wasted litter!  

    Quality crafted in the USA with heavy-duty recycled cardboard and non-toxic materials, and is compostable.

  • Cat-Friendly.

    Cats love scratching on the durable corrugated inner scratcher, and of course, it goes without saying they love laying in the cardboard tray!

See Purrfectly Clean Paws® in Action!

What Cat Owners are Saying...

“It captures the litter very well. Better than most of the mats.”

“Both cats have accepted it easily.”

“Works very well with my litter box, which is a multi cat size.”

"This ramp system completely solved my female cat's problem of missing the edge of the litterbox and urinating over the front. Now that she is used to using it-she enters far enough into the box and has not missed once!  
My 18 year old male has the added ease of entry and exit and with the bonus of seriously reduced litter tracking. 
I am one happy cat mom!"

“All of my cats love the ramp.”

“It catches the clumpable litter well.”

“The cats love to scratch on it going in and out of the box, and even stop to scratch when they don’t need to use the box.”

"Unbelievable how durable the kitty scatcher ramp is."

"My 7 year old very large cat with big paws and claws avidly scratches on it daily."

"It lasts much longer than any other scratch pad product we have had."

Quality. Sustainable. Made Responsibly.

We are life-long animal lovers who care deeply about our animal companions and the health of our planet. At Simply Paws® we strive to create products that are healthy and safe for pets, people, and the environment, all with having great form and function.  We’ve chosen to source and manufacture our products locally, and to use responsibly sourced materials to provide high quality, durable, and safe products. Made in the USA! Thank you for choosing Simply Paws® Design.

-Patti, Kevin, Ripley & Willow

Black and white tuxedo cat with green eyes looking upward.