Simply Paws® Natural Cat Litter System

Minimizes Odor, Mess & Maintenance.

Healthy for Cats, Kittens, People & the Planet

Anti-Tracking | 99% Dust-Free | Clay-Free | Silica-Free | Fragrance-Free | Grain-Free | Anti-Bacterial | Anti-Fungal | Biodegradable

Healthy. Innovative. Eco-friendly.

Introducing Simply Paws®, an all natural filtering cat  litter system with superior odor control and low maintenance.  Simply Paws® is healthy and safe for cats, kittens, people, and the planet. Our patent pending system separates and captures liquid waste, preventing odor from forming.  Simply Paws® Litter is 99% dust-free, anti-tracking, clay-free, fragrance-free, silica-free, grain-free, and naturally anti-bacterial. Our biodegradable and sustainable litter lasts 30 days with one cat.  Easy multi-cat use.  Light weight, too!

Your guests won’t know you have a cat...until they see it!™

Watch it in action

See how Simply Paws® patented filtering litter system makes litter maintenance easier than ever before!  Your guests won’t know you have a cat...until they see it!™️