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Step 1: Gradually introduce the ramp by setting assembled ramp on the floor in a room your cat frequents OR in the same room as their litter box. Let your cat become familiar with the ramp.

Step 2: Once your cat accepts the ramp, i.e., they walk on it, scratch on it, or lay on it, then you may attach the ramp to your litter box with either Option 1 or Option 2. 

Step 3: To return captured litter into the box, simply lift the outer tray, position over the litter box, and pour. Simple, quick and easy clean up, with no wasted litter!

Most cats accept the ramp within a couple of days. The ramp works best with litter boxes  that have higher sides. Consider using cat nip on ramp if your cat is slow to accept it.

*For kittens, seniors, cats with mobility problems, or if the ramp doesn’t easily attach to your litter box opening, use Option 2  

Two Attachment Options

 1.  Place the front tray flap over the edge of your litter box opening (width opening must be 8 inches or greater). Then lay inner scratcher ramp directly over the outer tray, nesting the two parts.


Option 2.  Bend both of the tray’s front sidewall flap pieces outward. Snug the outer tray up to litter box, where the opening is located, placing the front flap under the edge of the litter box to secure the tray, and  bending the sidewall flap pieces outward. Then, place inner scratcher ramp inside of the tray, and snug up to the litter