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Healthy. Innovative. Eco-Friendly.

Introducing Simply Paws® Natural Cat Litter System—a sustainable filtering litter system with superior odor control, less mess, and less maintenance.  A naturally healthier, cleaner and easier solution for you, your cats, your home and the planet™.

Our innovative patented system separates and captures liquid waste, preventing odor. Simply Paws® water repellant litter is 99% dust-free, anti-tracking, biodegradable, and free of clay, fragrances, silica and grains. One lightweight 4 pound bag of our litter lasts 30 days with one cat. Easy multi-cat use!


Clean & Easy Features:  Changing out the litter is a breeze-simply lift the removable grate directing soiled litter into the drawer.


Designed for cats and their guardians. A simple, modern aesthetic, our spacious litter box has smooth, rounded corners and edges for easy cleanup, is scratch resistant and very durable.