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  99.9% Dust- Free | Anti-Tracking | Clay-Free | Silica-Free | Fragrance-Free | Grain-Free | Biodegradable

Introducing Simply Paws® Natural Cat Litter System—a sustainable filtering litter system with superior odor control, less mess, and less maintenance.  A naturally healthier, cleaner and easier solution for you, your cats, your home and the planet™.
Simply Paws® water repellant litter is 99.9% dust-free, anti-tracking, biodegradable, and free of clay, fragrances, silica and grains. Our innovative patent pending system separates and captures liquid waste, preventing odor. One lightweight 3.5 pound bag of our litter lasts 30 days with one cat. Easy multi-cat use!
Pad OR No Pad-You choose! Use an absorbent pad in the drawer, reducing odor and maintenance, OR save money and simply flush liquid waste. No gross, messy urine clumps! Just scoop the poo.
Clean & Easy Features: Designed for cats and their owners. Changing out the litter is a breeze. Simply lift the removable grate directing soiled litter into the drawer.
Our spacious litter box has smooth, rounded corners and edges for easy cleanup, is scratch resistant and very durable.