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We are husband and wife life-long animal lovers who care deeply about our animal companions and the health of our planet.  We also love beautiful, functional design.  These passions resulted in the birth of Simply Paws Design - a company that strives to create products that are healthy and safe for pets, their families, and the planet, all while having great form and function.

Over the past three years, we've worked hard to create a litter system that is loved by both cats and their families, and also minimizes the significant environmental pawprint left by conventional litters. Through collaboration with top tier researchers at the University of Minnesota, and AURI, we've succeeded in creating Simply Paws® Natural Cat Litter System, a healthy, innovative, and eco-friendly litter system. We're so excited to finally share our new system, and more innovative and eco-friendly products, with you, our fellow cat lovers. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we, and our cat Ripley do!

Patti & Kevin